Tryouts available for U8-U16 teams and Futsal teams starting Nov 1.

AZTEC BOSTON TEAM – Premier NEP Team (2013-2003)

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First Middle Last Waiver, Agreement, color photo, copy of birth certificate required
School and Current Grade
Insurance Name, Phone and Policy # - Allergies and Medical Needs

Aztec soccer -Boston "Club" Team - Regional Premier (U09-U18)

Premier Squads are a select through a tryout process.

Not only are we taking every effort to ensure every players health and safety, we want to insure parents feel comfortable about the financial commitment given the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19  Please see the refund policy below. We  also plan to provide online virtual trainings options and online team chalkboard session.

Ages 8 - 19 years or birth years 2013 - 2003

Teams in every birth year, with multiple teams

Games in New England Premiership (NEP) on Sundays in the fall and spring, with most games usually local (15-45 minutes).

Tournaments on November College Showcase. March Pre-Season, Memorial Day college Showcase, State Cup, 

Summer League - the ECFC league in Reading and Melrose

Winter League - MAFutsal, NH Futsal, NorthEast Futsal Assoc

Registration is for a calendar year; Summer-Spring (ages 8-14)

Seasons are Summer, Fall, Winter1, Winter 2 and Spring.

Practice at least twice a week, with options for additional days

Uniform/Practice - training jersey,/scrimmage vest, shorts, socks, shin guards, warm up or sweatshirt, ball, mask and hand sanitizer. 

*Always bring court shoes & outdoor cleats, ball and water. 

Uniform/Game consists of a Premier Kit; home jersey, away jersey, shorts, socks, training jersey, warm up jacket, back pack.  Always bring all uniform and training pieces, a ball, mask and hand sanitizer.

Rain/Winter Coat, and Sweatshirt are optional. click here    

*tuition includes league fees, facility fees, insurance, coaching fees. Additional costs include uniform cost and tournament fees.  

Tuition can be paid in full to receive free summer training with Boston Azzurri* or make a deposit and three equal payments.

All registration details/forms below

click here for waiver  Email a color head shot and birth certificate 

click here for Premier Player Agreement (only for players that received a written team invitation).

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