Elite Girls Academy in Wilmington and Bedford
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UMASS Lowell, Merrimack College, George Washington University, Harvard University, MIT, Hofstra University, UNH, Mt Ida, New England College, Green Mountain College

GU10 LMD Champions - Spring 2016 
GU12 NSL Club North League Champs* -  2018
GU12 NEFA -Northeast League Futsal Champs -  2018
GU14 NEFA Beantown "Futsal" Cup Finalist - 2018
GU16 JSSA Semi Finalist - 2018
GU16 NSL Select League Champs- 2018
GU16/18 JSSA Memorial Day Champions - 2016 
GU16 LMD Champions - 2015
BU16 , NEFA Futsal Finalist - 2018 in U18 Division 
BU18 NEFA  Futsal Champions - 2019
GU18 Pennsylvania Tournament Appearance
GU18 Regional State Cup Appearance, Saratoga NY 


 I am lucky to have had you as a coach all those years, even though our teams had some ups and downs it was overall an awesome experience. I learned so many skills and technique, and not only that but field sense and an appreciation and respect for the game. I was so happy that you started coaching at my school and that I was able to play on with you for a year. Looking back on it, that season really empowered me and gave me so much confidence and leadership skills, so thank you for that. Please don't be afraid to use me as an example and make sure the players know how great of an opportunity it will be for them to have you as a coach, get great playing time, and improve not only their soccer skills but their confidence and leadership.  Thank you so much for everything you've done for me over the past 7 years.
I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much my son is enjoying futsal. He has never had a professional coach before. All of his other coaches have been volunteer dads - most of whom have never played soccer. I can see him drinking up all of the soccer knowledge that you are sharing! He is really eager to improve.  Thanks again.
I already see a difference in my daughter's play.  I love watching her in your games- her town travel games don't seem to be benefitting her as much.  I've noticed a huge change in her body power and aggression- she used to stay back and never attack the ball- seems to be getting better with that.  Overall we are very happy with the program and will continue to spread the word.
To the best coaches I could of ever asked for, this ones for you! F.c. Boston Azzurri Rich Sena ⚽️❤️
Awesome coach! and great club that supports their players!  "Wouldn't of made it without you 󾌬 F.c. Boston Azzurri"Thanks I made it there with your help ☺ F.c. Boston Azzurri
Thanks I made it there with your help ☺ F.c. Boston Azzurri
This really says it all , Jen. It must make you feel really proud to have such an effect on someone. All coaches should have this affect on players.
Never really took the time to give a tremendous amount of thanks to my diploma presenter, Jen you've been not only the most insightfully positive coach a player could ever dream of but such a generous role model to me as well. Everywhere you go you share your smile which acts like sunlight casting a bright light in everyone's lives and hearts. Without you I would of never overcome my shy awkward middle school phase. You've taught Me one of the most valuable lessons: don't change the way you play but perfect it. You taught Me to play for myself and no one else and without you I wouldn't of been named captain or have ever scored. You are a phenomenal women and will continue to aspire me. I can't thank you enough for all you do and contiue to do.  F.c. Boston Azzurri
Every aspiring soccer player should attend. You can only make yourself better with the skills you will learn and it will be fun.


I couldn't help but get overly emotional at the fact that I play my last club game ever tonight. Being part of such an uplifting, supportive team has been easily one of the best opportunities of my life and I will forever be grateful. Even as the seasons go by I will always think of myself as a captain of  F.c. Boston Azzurri
"We have all these shirts but they are now in quilts for my girls! Thank you F.c. Boston Azzurri for always supporting my girls in their soccer pursuits."