next session - Wednesday 2/22 at Beebe from 6-9pm - wear Azzurri gear!!

Boston Azzurri Premier Soccer & Futsal - Pride

Welcome, Boston Azzurri Offers ....

Affordable Premier Soccer

Tryouts held year round and rolling registration

Training and Teams for all levels and abilities.

Teams in each birth year and division.

Teams in Northeast Soccer League and New England Premiership.

Agility training to minimize injuries and accelerate development.

Skills to avoid the need for heading the ball.

The use of small sided (Futsal & Futbolito) games to develop strong foot skills and creative players.

The opportunity for players to develop in their favorite position(s).

Opportunities to play with the older age group.

Opportunities and assistance with college recruitment.

Opportunities for our players to become a club coach by age 18.

High School Coaches off season training options.

Town Coaches mentorships to develop strong technical training knowledge.